Smokers may face court

CRAIGAVON Council is to issue legal proceedings against two drivers who were separately observed smoking illegally.

One driver was spotted smoking in a lorry in February and was issued a fixed penalty notice in March.

However, the Council has not yet received payment.

The driver is claiming he had been smoking an e-cigarette.

The Council says the officer who witnessed the alleged offence provided a witness statement.

However, despite attempts to contact the driver and the company the penalty remains unpaid.

In a separate incident a taxi driver was seen smoking in a vehicle in May.

The Council states: “Following a request for information, details of the driver were provided and a Fixed Penalty Notice was issued.”

A written warning was issued in June regarding non-payment of the Fixed Penalty however no payment has been received.

The Council are to start legal proceedings against the two drivers.

A person found guilty of this offence is liable to a fine up to £1,000.