Calls for motorists to reduce speed in Richhill, Co Armagh after spate of accidents

With new Highway Code changes coming into practice on Saturday, drivers have been urged to take care when driving through local villages such as Richill, Co Armagh.

DUP MLA William Irwin is receiving a rising number of complaints from residents and road users who had experienced speeding when out walking and driving.

He stated, “This is again a concerning issue and it is vital that the drivers reassess the risks and pay attention to the speed limits in and around the village. I have had a lot of calls lately from people who are concerned by the speed of traffic through the village and also on the Annaghreagh, Legacorry and Corcreevy Roads.”

He added, “I am also aware of recent accidents and given we are in the winter months it is vital that people do drive with due care and attention and also drive to the conditions. Speeding is an ever present issue on our roads and it really is important that everyone ensures they are driving with due care and attention and drive within the speed limits.”

Temporary speeding signs at Richhill, Co Armagh.

A PSNI spokesperson said police had increasing reports of vehicles speeding through Richhill area.

“These villages are usually busy with children, schools and folks out and about enjoying the better weather we have been having.

“So, let’s all share the roads safely and continue to look out for one another.”



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