Three-vehicle crash leads to driving ban for young motorist

A three-vehicle collision on the Killybearn Road, Cookstown, was recalled at Magherafelt Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Taylor McNally (20), of Lissan Road, Cookstown, was placed on Probation for 12 months and banned from driving for 18 months for driving while unfit through drink or drugs.

McNally was also fined a total of £415 for dangerous driving and driving a car in a dangerous condition on January 11.

Counsel prosecuting said McNally told police the vehicle in front on him slowed and he had not noticed until the last minute before swerving and colliding with another vehicle. She said a number of people sustained minor injuries.

Counsel said the defendant admitted having smoked cannabis and examination of a blood specimen showed there were three substances in his system.

She said an examination of the car revealed a number of faults and the disrepair was such it should not have been driven.

A defence lawyer said the defendant was in very good employment and asked the court to keep the disqualification to a minimum.