Wheelie bin thugs in Richhill, Co Armagh tow full bins behind vehicles leaving trail of destruction including nurse's car

A gang of wheelie bin thugs, towing full bins behind vehicles, are causing a wave of destruction in Co Armagh, including damage to a nurse’s car.

The latest incident happened on the Tirnascobe Road in Richhill in the early hours of Monday morning (September 27).

It appears the vandals are tying wheelie bins, which are full, to the back of vehicles, towing them at speed until they dislodge.

Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council member Gareth Wilson has slammed those behind this recent spate of bin vandalism.

Wheelie bin thugs cause trail of destruction across Co Armagh including a nurse's car in Richhill.


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It follows a strike involving workers at the council which meant bins in the borough were left unemptied for almost six weeks.

Laybys and roadsides have been strewn with black bin bags and other rotting rubbish which is still awaiting collection by the council since the strike’s suspension last week.

DUP Councillor Gareth Wilson branded those behind the vandalism as ‘pathetic’ after bins were towed behind vehicles and then let go. He said it caused rubbish to be strewn over the countryside and bins damaged.

Alderman Wilson said: “With rubbish the main topic of conversation of late it’s frustrating and sickening to learn that the wheelie bin wreckers have been annoying people once again.

"Indeed I visited a lady on Tirnascobe Road, Richhill who had her car damaged by these individuals and who works as a nurse in the community,” said the DUP councillor.

“She could well do without this type of mindless vandalism given the inconvenience and cost she has experienced,” Alderman Wilson said.

He added: “They have struck over a wide area from Richhill to Clare and as far as Kilmore. I have had a number of reports of bins being dumped and damaged with rubbish strewn along the verges.

“I have spoken to police on this issue and I would ask that people be vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately. This behaviour is unwanted and unacceptable and must stop,” said Alderman Wilson.

According to Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council the industrial action by workers, which began on 15 August, has led to 500,000 missed bin collections. While normal bin collection services began on Tuesday, there is still a large backlog of collections to take place.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Police in Armagh are appealing for information and witnesses, following a report of damage being caused to a vehicle parked outside a house in the Tirnascobe Road area.”

Sergeant Campbell said: “Shortly after 8am yesterday, Monday 26th September, it was reported that damage had been caused to the wing mirror, driver’s door, and back passenger door of a car sometime overnight.

“The owner of the vehicle reported that they had heard the sound of another vehicle speeding off from outside the property a few hours earlier, at around 2.40am.“It was further reported that bins along the road had also been damaged and the contents tipped out.

“Further damage has also been reported to have been caused to bins in the Mullalelish Road, the Aghory Road, and Armagh Road, Portadown.”

Sergeant Campbell continued: “This kind of anti-social behaviour is without question, distressing for others, in particular local residents.

“We all have a responsibility to help make our neighbourhoods safer places and I would encourage anyone with information, or concerns, to contact our Neighbourhood Team."

“Reporting incidents that impact on your quality of life helps us to focus patrols where they are needed most.

“Police are appealing to anyone who might have seen any suspicious activity in these areas, or who might have any information, to contact us on 101, and quote reference number 307 26/09/22.”