Cubitt has harsh words for rivals in North Antrim campaign

INDEPENDENT candidate Lyle Cubitt, a retired solicitor, has launched a scathing attack on his election rivals as the poll battle heats up in North Antrim.

Cubitt officially confirmed that he was running as an Independent Candidate for the North Antrim seat last week and in a statement to the Ballymena Times, wasted no time in criticizing Unionist rivals.

He said a vote for the DUP would only give more of the same, while he described the TUV as the old DUP. He then went on to say the Conservative and Unionist party are 'political betrayers'.

He said: ”During my years of practice in the law, one of the most difficult fields in which to achieve a satisfactory result to a dispute was where there was a disagreement amongst family members. It is in this context that I view the litigation between Jim Allister and Ian Paisley Jnr and I will not comment on the subject of the application as I do not intend to become embroiled in this family dispute.

"Both these men were long time members of the DUP and in the words of Jim they villified the UUP for years which inevitably included him. Have we heard any word of apology from either of them or their public representatives in North Antrim for their actions?

Referring to the Conservative and Unionist candidate party, Cubit said: "I have never been a member of the DUP or TUV. I actively supported Joe Gaston and Rev. Coulter when they contested Westminster elections against Ian Paisley Senior. This was when the Conservative Party was lying to Ulster Unionists and they were talking to the murderers of PIRA.

"Will the Ulster Unionist voters remember this or will they vote for the Conservative Party which over the decades could only be compared to, in Biblical terms, to Judas or the new group which offers 30 year old policies which were appropriate at that time but rejected by them and which carry a real risk of Sinn Fein Government."

The independent candidate added: "My only concern is that as politics has, in the opinion of many, sunk to this level. Is it any wonder that the electorate are showing their disapproval by abstention. During the 2007 election period comments were made which if I had been so minded I could have instituted proceedings but I considered that to do so could be summed up in the words of the Countryman, “When you get into a midden you inevitably come out of it smelling” - midden is, of course, Ulster Scots for a farm yard manure heap."

He added: "Was I wrong in 2007 to warn the electorate that the DUP were going into government with Sinn Fein when no one else would do so and Ian and Jim actively campaigned against me? I cannot be blamed for failure to warn of the impending changes. I have had many comments that people are fed up with the lot and were not going to vote, am I wrong in giving them the opportunity?

“I may be portrayed as a voice in the wilderness but I can look at myself in the mirror in the morning. I trust that the electors of North Antrim were able to do the same after 2007 and will be able to do so after May 6.”