Dallat hits out at '10p death threats' on phone

AN average of two "10p death threats" are being made in calls to the Samaritans every week following the murder of Catholic man Kevin McDaid, according to SDLP MLA John Dallat

Mr Dallat claimed: "Sinister elements in Coleraine are still at their work preying on people in the most cowardly fashion and using voluntary organisations such as The Samaritans as a vehicle to pass on their cowardly threats.

"The most recent threats this week involves two young Catholics who are involved in no criminal activity of any kind, work every day that God gives them, are not involved in drugs and only want to live their lives in peace.

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"The message delivered by the PSNI states that they have 24 hours to get out and the message goes on to indicate that it comes from a loyalist paramilitary group."

On a wider point about intimidation, Mr Dallat added: "The present hate laws need to be strengthened and now that Policing and Justice has been devolved I hope that a review of these laws with be a top priority for the new minister. I have today tabled a question to Mr Ford on the subject.

"Good people in Coleraine on both sides are working hard to build a community which is free from sectarianism, bigotry and mistrust. These death threats are undermining progress and those who are involved are contemptible individuals with nothing to offer but fear and they must be dealt with."