Daniel O’Donnell backs a ‘Yes’ vote on same sex marriage

Singer Daniel O’Donnell has said he will be voting ‘Yes’ to same sex marriage in the Republic.

Singer Daniel O'Donnell
Singer Daniel O'Donnell
Singer Daniel O'Donnell

The Donegal entertainer was speaking ahead of the May 22 referendum, which is expected to deliver a mandate for the drafting of new legislation.

He said he believes that a Yes vote will not have any negative effect on those who don’t support a change in the law.

He said that “those who know what they’re talking about” are saying families won’t change.

“I think everyone should be equal,” he told Ray D’Arcy on RTE Radio.

“I was brought up without a father. My father died before I knew the benefit of a father. It was just my mother.

“I can’t see anything on the other side that will be detrimental.

“All of the people who know what they’re talking about are telling us that it’s absolutely no difference who brings up the children, as long as they’re brought up in a loving environment.”

The singer then asked his host what way he intends to vote, but the popular presenter declined to say.

“I’d be fired,” said D’Arcy.

O’Donnell replied: “I might be fired after this too.”

The wording of the referendum question will be: “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.”

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has already said he is in favour of same-sex marriage, telling RTE: “It’s a question that will be put very clearly to the people. I support this very strongly. It sets out our image of a very tolerant and inclusive Ireland.”

Last month both the Catholic and Presbyterian churches said they were against any change in the current legislation.

Recent opinion polls have suggested around 70 per cent support for same-sex marriage in the Republic.