Daughter inspires Magherafelt singer Pandy Walshe in new album

Local legend Pandy Walshe has unveiled a new duet with daughter Rachel on local radio.

Pandy Walshe with Nathan Carter
Pandy Walshe with Nathan Carter
Pandy Walshe with Nathan Carter

Pandy Walshe stopped by QRadio to play a few of his own songs including a brand new track from his upcoming album.

This was the first time that the song entitled “We All Need Somebody To Love” has been heard outside of the studio. The song is a duet featuring vocals from Pandy’s talented daughter.

This comes ahead of Pandy’s first all-original album set to be released in August. The title is to be announced in the coming weeks.

Speaking about working with his daughter on the song Pandy said: “Rachel’s also a really good friend and she’s as passionate about music as I am.

“She’s a really bubbly character and her exuberance rubs off on me, and she inspires me as well.”

Filming for the accompanying music video is already underway, outside Moville in Donegal.

Pandy and Rachel will be seen jamming out on the beach with an entire backing band. The video is set to be featured on Irish TV upon its release in July.

Pandy has been a figurehead in local music for many years, having played countless gigs all across Northern Ireland. He has played alongside many stars in the Irish music scene like Nathan Carter, Johnny Brady and Derek Ryan to name but a few.

His style of country folk music has kept the country entertained for over 30 years, and he is still a regular in the local bars of Mid Ulster.

Despite this Pandy maintains he is still young at heart and intends to keep playing music for many years to come. He will be performing at the Ballymoney in the Park festival over the weekend. Additionally he will be performing on the main stage at the Cowboys and Heroes festival on July 17 in Leitrim.

The album release in August will be accompanied by a release party with performances from Pandy and a mystery guest.