David Andrew Dunn, Bonds Glen, fell on June 21, 1916

DAVID Andrew Dunn was born in the Bonds Glen on March 23, 1877, the son of David and Elizabeth Dunn.

He was one of a family of seven. He had three brothers Forest, James and Sam, and three sisters Ellen, Annie and Isabella.

Before emigrating to Vancouver, Canada, David was a policeman for five years and two months with the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC).

He emigrated to Canada in 1904 where he continued to do the same type of work. He returned to the Bonds Glen in 1911 for a holiday. His sister Isabella decided to go back with him to Canada.

Upon his return to Canada David enlisted in the 29th Battalion of the Canadian Infantry on November 7, 1914.

Before seeing active service in Belgium David was posted to England for training but returned home to the Bonds Glen at least once. Sadly he was killed in action on June 21, 1916.

David Andrew Dunn was a great uncle of Louisa Craig (formerly Allen) from Bonds Glen and brother to her grandmother Ellen. He has a lot of family connections still in the area.

However, some of the younger generation did not know he even existed. On a trip to war graves Louisa visited his grave and laid a few poppies on his last resting place - so far from the beautiful Bonds Glen he called home.

Contributed and compiled by Louisa Craig as part of the Kildoag/Bonds Glen History Club project on the history of the Bonds Glen area.

The Kildoag/Bonds Glen History club meets on the last Thursday of every month and is interested in hearing from anyone with relatives from the area who served with the armed forces.

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