Debbie’s sense of adventure takes her off to Australia

WHEN it comes to a sense of adventure, they don’t come any bolder than Armoy girl, Debbie McCook.

The 27-year-old Student Accommodation officer at Queen’s University, is taking a year out to make a new start in Australia.

Last Friday, Debbie set sail for Canberra where she will link up with friends and begin work on a farm.

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The aim is to ‘test the water’ Down Under and if things work out and all the legalities are met in terms of employment, Debbie will remain for a further year.

It’s not the first time that Debbie has upped sticks and headed off across the world.

She spent sometime in New York and while the sheer size and pace of the city would be daunting enough for most people, the intrepid Debbie took up a job as a taxi driver and not once fazed by the hustle and bustle of the traffic.

She also spent time in Los Angeles, Sandiego, Las Vegas and in other parts of the States.

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A former pupil of Ballycastle High School, Debbie obtained a Degree in Physics at Queen’s and has enjoyed a fast-paced life.

She played hockey for Ballycastle High, Coleraine and Belfast Harlequins and has enjoyed Sky Diving while at Queen’s.

Her family held a farewell do for her at The Scenic Inn, Armoy.

She has also appeared on the popular BBC 2 programme ‘Eggheads’ and wasn’t intimidated in any way by the intellectual prowess of the home team.

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“It will be a new experience and one I am looking forward to,” Debbie told the Times.

Naturally, she will keep in touch with her family and friends at home including her Gran and Grandad, Margaret and Bert McCook, Ballykenver Road and her dad, Richard who lives in the village.

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