Defibrillator saves Moira lad

Friends of young Moira lad, Cameron Waddell, who suffered a cardiac arrest last September during a workout at the gym, have helped raise over £2,000 for two defibrillators.

Members of Logic cafe

Cameron collapsed on the treadmill and had died for 20 minutes before he was revived by a number of people at the gym using defibrillator, a piece of equipment that ultimately helped save his life.

On his Justgiving page Cameron recalls, “I was at the gym working out and that’s pretty much all I can remember. Two days later, I was brought out of an induced coma and woke up in intensive care, I have no recollection of what had happened.

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“I later found out that I had taken a cardiac arrest. My heart had stopped for 20 minutes and people were battling to save my life.

“Fortunately for me, the gym owner had the foresight to install a defibrillator. He called the emergency services and contacted my parents while a nurse and her friend gave me CPR until the ambulance crew arrived.

“Two things were there that day that saved my life, firstly an amazing group of people who knew exactly what to do and secondly a defibrillator.

“I later found out that without the defibrillator I probably wouldn’t have made it.

“I am deeply thankful to those amazing people who helped me that day and to those who I later found out had been praying for me and my family.”

Members of Logic youth club and Cameron, who is also a member, helped raise money to buy the defibrillators.

Cameron said, “They do an amazing job in our village, working with over 200 kids each week – Logic has had a huge impact in my own life and I want to give something back, something that might one day save a life like mine.”

A Football Fundraising event in Moira Demense, was held in which over 60 players aged 11-18-years-old took part, and raised a massive £1,400 and pushed the final total to £2,600. Logic Development Officer Matt Peach said: “It was a great effort to all involved to raise a fantastic amount of money and on the night itself the rain cleared just as we were about to start, which was a real blessing.”

Logic is an initiative of St John’s Parish Church Moira - which was set up in 2001, to build bridges between the church and the community.