Defibrillators planned for Cloughmills

Plans to bring two defibrillators to the village of Cloughmills have been revealed this week.

Members of the Corner House Golf Society who are well-known for their fund-raising activities, are to instal the vital pieces of equipment at the two schools in the near future.

Already, a substantial amount of money has been raised and tickets will go on sale this week to raise further finance.

The major fund-raiser is planned for Saturday, August 10, when the Golfing Society will travel to Portstewart for a sponsored event which is expected to attract dozens of entrants.

The first players to tee-off will do so at 10.30 a.m. and everyone will be made welcome.

Afterwards, a barbecue and raffle will be held at the Corner House in Cloughmills where supporters can come along and lend their support.

The Society will also be holding their annual Captain’s Day on September 7 at Templepatrick by which time the amount required for the defibrillators should be safely deposited in the bank.

On the last occasion the Society went to Portstewart in support of Motor Neurones a total of £8000 was raised. Organisers say they are confident that the day will also bring in a substantial amount.

One of the those behind the project, Bobby Gray, said he was more than pleased with the support the Society had received from villagers and organisations within it.

“The community and various groups have really got behind us on this one. They see it as something well worth doing and if it saves just one life, then it will be worthwhile,” Bobby told the Times.

He added: “We decided to put the defibrillators outside the schools so that the community would be served at both ends of the village. We are going to spend a bit extra to enable us to contact the emergency services immediately.

“There is a defibrillator at the local doctors’ surgery but we feel that two more would give extra peace of mind and we also have to bear in mind that the surgery isn’t open all the time - back up is necessary.

“We will be seeking the help of volunteers who will carry keys to the equipment and we are confident that we will be able to recruit a number of people.

A meeting is being arranged at a future date to discuss this further.”