Dobbies to tickle the senses with sensory gardens

DOBBIES Garden World, Lisburn is aiming to create sensory gardens as part of its Here We Grow campaign, which gives support, equipment and assistance to the local community.

As part of its commitment to the local area, the retailer is offering up free plants, garden accessories, and pebbles or barks and will help create a sensory garden for local community groups and charity organisations.

Such a garden, for example, may contain features such as scented and edible plants, a variety of textured plants and paving and water features designed to make sound. There are soothing benefits for people who are going through health problems or have learning difficulties, but are as equally enjoyable for anyone who wants to learn about how different types of plants affect your senses.

Barbara McLeod, community champion for Dobbies Garden World, said: “A sensory garden is a great place to excite and satisfy the senses through the use of specially-selected plants and equipment.

Bees and butterflies are also attracted to sensory gardens - these are important to our environment and help our gardens to grow. By planting the right type of plants and trees we provide a feast for honey bees and other insects, habitats for wildlife and the pollination provides food for us.

“We are looking to create a sensory garden that will allow people to use their senses, with different scents, colour, textures and sounds to explore.”

If you would like to put your group forward for consideration for a sensory garden contact your Dobbies community champion at For more information, please visit

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