Does the waddle of this Lurgan swan remind you of a tipsy mate? Check out the PSNI video?

A PSNI video of a couple of swans, one of which appeared to be staggering along the road, has gone viral

On patrol in Lurgan Park, officers videoed the two swans waddling along the road to the golf club but one was rather less steady on its feet.

Hundreds have been known to frequent Lurgan Park with the odd bottle of Lurgan Champagne but it is unknown if the swans were partial to this wine as it is somewhat of an acquired taste.

Experts reveal that swans are teetotal.

A couple of swans in Lurgan Park
A couple of swans in Lurgan Park
A couple of swans in Lurgan Park

However when posting the video online local police hinted that one appeared to be walking a bit like many men and women they encounter during the weekend.

“When that one mate’s had too many and slows your walk home right up,” said PSNI Craigavon.

“One of many sights seen out and about today on patrol.”

Ever the comedians they creatively added the hashtags