Drive-thru launderette is cleaning up in Lurgan

A new 24/7 drive-thru launderette at a popular petrol station in Lurgan is cleaning up.

Jay Magowan at the Wash and Go Centre at the BP on Lurgan's Portadown Road

Aptly named Revolution, the self-service centre at the BP on the Portadown Road comes equipped with two washing machines and a vented dryer.

BP owner Ernie Magowan said it had proved a huge hit since it was installed a few months ago.

The outdoor launderette has a 8kg and 18kg washing machines, built-in hypoallergenic washing liquid and a vented 18kg dryer.

The 8kg machine can be used for regular loads or the 18kg machine can be used to wash all your weekly laundry at once or for heavy loads such as duvets, throws, curtains and pillows.

Ernie said the self-service nature and the huge machines are proving a particular hit for people wanting to wash large items such as duvets.

“We have plenty of people coming with football kits as the whole lot will fit into the big washer,” said Ernie.

And it is all high-tech. The unit is fitted with a multi-touch screen, a modern and user-friendly interface, and features which have been designed to make it easy to use.

With these machines you can pop in your laundry, go shopping and half an hour later - your washing is done.

There are two prices £4 for 8kg wash and £8 for 18kg wash while it costs £2 for the dryer.

The door of the washing machine locks whilst it is in use, so you don’t have to worry about someone accessing the machine whilst your washing is in it.

Ernie’s son Jay, aged 22, said his dad admitted to being a little sceptical at the start but they have both been surprised at how popular the machines have become - day and night.

The forecourt at the BP is always busy with people stopping to get fuel, cash at the ATM or a few groceries.

Ernie was a little coy as to how long he has been owner at the BP site but admitted to ‘many many years’.

In recent years the forecourt has flourished with the tasty burgers and Sunday dinners at Colleen’s Kitchen attracting a regular clientèle.

Indeed at the BP you can pop your washing in, fuel up, get your car washed and go for lunch all within a few steps of your car.

“This washing station is definitely a hit,” said Ernie. “I am glad I installed it.”

Other forecourts across Lurgan and Craigavon have also installed them, creating a laundry revolution in the borough.