Driver caught doing 100mph: Police appeal to motorists to slow down

Lisburn Police have appealed to motorists to slow down after officers caught a driver doing 100mph on the Glenavy Road.

Police detected a motorist driving at 100mph on Glenavy Road. Pic by PSNI Lisburn.

According to a post on the PSNI Lisburn Facebook page, officers also detected another driver doing in excess of 80mph on the same road.

“Even with the recent spell of icy weather some motorists are still putting themselves and others at risk by driving at excessive speed,” the post, which was accompanied by pictures of the speed gun readings, said.

“Police detected these drivers travelling on the Glenavy Road well in excess of the speed restriction. Please drive at a speed appropriate to the road, traffic and weather conditions. We all have a responsibility for road safety,” it added.