STAFF at the Rainbow Animal Rehoming Centre in Eglinton have appealed for information after a pillowcase containing four tiny kittens was dumped in a garden to which a family's pet dog had access.

It was on Thursday evening that staff at the shelter got a call from a distressed family from Primrose Street in the Waterside, who said they had by chance found a pillowcase containing the tiny kittens, just days old, when they had let their pet dog out.

According to Ranbow founder, Helen Davis, the kittens were taken to a foster home and were seen by a vet on Friday, who estimated they were about 10 days old.

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“When they were found their eyes were sealed closed with cat flu and initially we aged them incorrectly, thinking they were only a couple of days old,” she said, adding: “They are doing well and feeding well in their foster home.”

According to Helen the family noticed the pillowcase and thought it a bit strange and went to investigate.

“To their horror they found four tiny kittens inside and after phoning the Centre they were advised to bring them straight in. Staff at the centre immediately contacted a lady who had previously offered to hand-feed kittens.

“They were fed some kitten formula at the centre, they were ravenous and very distressed,” she said, adding: “They are now with this kind lady and need to be fed every two hours around the clock.”

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Branding what happened to the kittens as “a deliberate and horrendous act of cruelty” she went on to appeal for anyone with information about the mother of the kittens to get in touch.

“We are concerned that she may develop mastitis because her kittens have been taken away so suddenly.

“Anyone with any information regarding these kittens or their mother can contact the Rainbow Centre in confidenceon 028 7181 2882 or at [email protected],” she said.

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