DUP Mid Ulster councillor claims a campaign of hate is being waged against him

Cllr James ShielsCllr James Shiels
Cllr James Shiels
A DUP Mid Ulster councillor says Republicans have carried out another sectarian hate crime at his home - the third in just a few weeks.

Councillor James Shiels said slogans and sectarian remarks were screamed at him “during an expletive filled rant shortly before 2am on Friday morning.”

“These people clearly have nothing to else to do except spend their nights driving round looking for people to intimidate and I genuinely pity them more than anything else,” he said.

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People don’t want this type of activity in the area, but sadly some in the Republican community just can’t move on from the dark days of our recent past.

“This campaign of hate is being waged against me, just as it was in the past against my colleagues DUP Cllr George Duddy in Coleraine and DUP Cllr Sammy Brush here in Mid Ulster, solely because some cannot tolerate Unionists who are not afraid to stand up for their constituents.

“Recently I have spoken out against Illegal fuel laundering, drugs and Intimidation of Unionists in the south Londonderry area and it is clear some would prefer it if I just kept my mouth shut and looked the other way like some others.

“However this latest attempt at intimidation will not deflect me from representing my constituents nor will it stop me speaking out against criminality and the gangs behind it.

“I have spoken with the PSNI on a number of occasions over this last month and am encouraged by their response, and their commitment to dealing with this ongoing issue.”