Eamon Friel


The news that Eamon Friel’s programme is to be removed from the Radio Foyle schedule at the end of this month is a cause of deep concern.

Eamon is something of an institution in Northwest Broadcasting. He is a talented and knowledgeable presenter – one of a very small band of broadcasters in Northern Ireland to have won a Sony award for his work.

He is also a talented artist and songwriter in his own right, whose songs have been covered by many other singers.

People like Eamon should be nurtured, not discarded.

We feel also that a decision of this sort should only be made by people who are familiar with the broadcaster’s work and are in a position to assess the impact such a decision might have on the listening public. Surely, it is a fundamental principle of public service broadcasting that decisions regarding public output should be made by people who actually receive the service.

We strongly urge BBC Northern Ireland to reconsider its decision.

This appeal is being made without Eamon Friel’s knowledge or consent.

Anyone wishing to associate themselves with this petition can add their names online at www.petitiononline.com/f4f2010/petition.html

The Undersigned,

Colum Eastwood, Mayor of Derry

Risteard MacGabhann

Joe Mahon, Westway Films

Gerry Downey

Peter Mullan

ine Downey

Connor Porter

Lorcan Doherty

Jim O’Neill, Towards Understanding & Healing

Brian Dougherty MBE, St. Columb’s Park