Edwin Poots considering leaving politics

Former DUP Stormont Minister Edwin Poots says he is considering leaving politics because there is little sign of devolution returning to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

DUP MLA Edwin Poots
DUP MLA Edwin Poots
DUP MLA Edwin Poots

The Lagan Valley MLA says he is seriously looking at the possibility of a new career.

“I think it’s something most wise politicians would be looking at now that the future is uncertain,” he told BBC News NI Political Correspondent Stephen Walker.

“We need to be looking at other options.”

Asked if he was looking seriously at options outside politics, he said he was, adding that he found the lack of devolution frustrating.

He said that “limbo is not a good place to be”.

The former Stormont culture and health minister said the past 12 months had been difficult.

“The last year has not been a year that has had much fulfilment for any politician,” he said.

He has talked to people about other job opportunities on “a regular basis”.

However he would much prefer to stay in a working assembly.

Sinn Fein withdrew from the Assembly in January 2017, citing a range of grievances against the DUP.