Election 2016: It's time for a change, says Hutchinson

Cllr Billy Hutchinson. INNT 16-803CONCllr Billy Hutchinson. INNT 16-803CON
Cllr Billy Hutchinson. INNT 16-803CON
North Belfast candidate, Billy Hutchinson, has outlined his policies ahead of the Stormont election on May 5.

The Progressive Unionist Party leader said: “The Assembly election on the 5th May is an important event for the people of the Belfast North Electoral Constituency. It is the time when you, the electorate, will entrust your vote to six individuals to represent you and your family on housing, education, employment, health and social care, the economy and regeneration amongst many other issues. These are some of the areas which determine the quality of life that you and your family have. Therefore it is important that the person that you vote for will deliver on the commitments that they make to you during the election period.”

Cllr Hutchinson added: “North Belfast is the part of the city that I was born and raised in, I work in the area, it is my area and as such an area I want to see flourish. I have the honour of serving the community within, which I hold dear.

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“To date there has been a failure to deliver on social and economic needs with fuel poverty, job losses, under investment in new homes, educational under achievement and under investment in our health service. It is time for a change in North Belfast. It is time for commitments to be honoured and a time for delivery for the people of North Belfast. It is now the time for you to vote for this change and make North Belfast a better place for us all.”

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