Elsa returns to school after cancer battle

They thought this day might never come but brave Elsa McBurney has finally gone back to school following cancer treatment.

Back to school! Eight-year-old Elsa McBurney returns to Abercorn Primary School following a 15 month cancer fight.

Elsa was back at Abercorn Primary School on Thursday for the first time in nearly 15 months.

Last month the Leader reported how after months of chemotherapy, surgery and proton beam treatment, little Elsa McBurney is now cancer free.

Elsa, celebrated her eighth birthday with a huge community party at Banbridge Rugby Club earlier this month.

She had been diagnosed with cancer of the spine shortly before her seventh birthday and has not been back at school since.

But following extensive treatment, including months in America, Elsa is now able to return to normal school life.

Posting on her the Team Elsa Facebook page, mum Leslie spoke of her joy at Elsa, she said: “We felt like this day would never come. Elsa has put on her school uniform today for the first time in almost 15 months.

“I am going to miss having my wee shadow with me but I couldn’t be happier for her to get back to normality.”