Entrance to Lisneal College to be adopted

A ROAD leading to a school in Londonderry's Waterside - left ice-ridden during the recent cold snap - will eventually be adopted and gritted by Roads Service once discussions with developers are completed.

The entrance to Lisneal College via the Crescent Link has proven treacherous in the past. Last year parents, teachers and busdrivers

had considerable difficulty in negotiating the road into the school.

The problem was exacerbated by the fact that the road was not part of the Department of Regional Development (DRD) Roads Service gritting schedule.

Principal David Funston said black ice had caused problems in the past but road users attempting to access the college are now aware of what to expect on that particular road. He said alternative access via the Summer Meadows estate was also an option for parents and teachers.

Mr Funston said: "The problem does arise when there is bad weather. The most convenient way to get into the school is off the link road and past Craig's shop but this road hasn't been adopted and did cause problems last year due to the ice and snow."

He added: "It wasn't too bad this year because our parents are aware of the situation and know what to expect. It's also possible to come in via Summer Meadows."

The Sentinel has learned that Roads Service are currently in discussions with developers and the education authorities with a view to having the route adopted and ending the road limbo that currently exists.

A spokesperson commented: "Roads Service is currently in discussions with developers and the Western Board with a view to resolving adoption issues. When all matters have been resolved the road will be adopted."