Eco Rangers enjoy boost from National Lottery

Members of the Eco Rangers volunteer group are delighted to have received vital equipment purchased through an Awards for All grant from The National Lottery Community Fund.

The group received £10,000 from the fund to support its environmental work which concentrates on removing waste and litter from local communities.

Founder Abe Agnew said the award will enable the Eco Rangers to provide high quality equipment and safety gear to volunteers so that their work in Mid and East Antrim can continue and expand.

“Eco Ranger volunteers proudly carry out daily litter picking across an area of over 650 square miles, and have removed thousands of bags of waste material from the local environment in the last year,” he said.

Abe Agnew (centre) and some of his Eco Rangers celebrate receiving new equipment funded from The National Lottery Community Fund.

“We have also carried out larger scale operations, including the removal of huge quantities of waste including some 75 shopping trollies dumped in Larne Lough, an area designated as an area of special scientific interest, a special protection area, and a Ramsar site to protect the wetland environment, particularly due to the presence of certain bird species and shellfish.

“We have been overjoyed to see the difference our work has made, with local people able to safely enjoy the area and many species of bird and sea life returning and successfully breeding here again.


“We plan to carry out similar cleaning throughout the entire east and north coast of Northern Ireland, and this award from The National Lottery Community Fund will help us achieve that.

“Feedback from the local community has been overwhelmingly positive, with many advising us that the work of the group has made them feel proud of their hometown or area for the first time.

Eco Rangers celebrate receiving new equipment funded from The National Lottery Community Fund

“This funding award will enable the group to purchase vital health and safety equipment to protect volunteers carrying out this important work, and also enable the group to equip new volunteers, in order to expand our work into new areas.

“I can’t thank The National Lottery Community Fund and National Lottery Players enough for making the continued work of our group possible,” Abe added.

“Anyone wishing to learn more about the Eco Rangers, to volunteer, or local businesses wishing to support us in any way can contact us at [email protected] or on Facebook at Eco Rangers NI.”



Eco Rangers cleaned up this bonfire site in Carrickfergus this month, removing 27 bags of waste, plus significant quantities of wood.
Eco Rangers removed tonnes of waste material from Larne Lough - designated as an area of special scientific interest - in March 2021.
Eco Rangers at work