'#littleheroes' helping to keep their village clean'#littleheroes' helping to keep their village clean
'#littleheroes' helping to keep their village clean

Eight photos of tidy-up volunteers showing their ‘love’ for Cairncastle

Cairncastle Community Association has thanked keen volunteers who took part in a village and garden tidy up.

Attracting participants young and old, the aim of initiative was to bring about a cleaner, connected and safer rural community in which to live.

Siobhan Mulvenna, chairperson of Cairncastle Community Association, said "Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do. We are grateful for the effort and time they put in to keep our village clean and tidy. This year we were extra delighted with our '#littleheroes’ who were very excited to be part of helping out."

One volunteer said: "Cleaning up and litter picking are activities which bring people closer together, enable neighbours to meet one another other and help create a greater sense of pride and community in our local area. I love living in Cairncastle."

Siobhan also thanked Mid and East Antrim Council for the loan of high visibility jackets and equipment.