Gen Alpha acutely aware of environmental crisis

The future belongs to the young and a new survey has let them have their say on care of our environment.

Top concern of young people is plastic pollution (photo: Adobe)
Top concern of young people is plastic pollution (photo: Adobe)

While world leaders discussed the ongoing climate crisis at COP 27, Modern Milkman, the 21st century’s answer to the traditional milk round, has given the children of today the opportunity to voice what they consider to be the top environmental issues we’re facing.

While the ‘grown-ups’ discuss ongoing energy concerns and the transition to renewable energy sources, research has revealed that it is the impact on animals (27 per cent), plastic pollution (19 per cent), and increasing temperatures (19 per cent) that are the top three environmental concerns among seven to 12-year-olds.

The data has also discovered that an incredible seven in ten (71 per cent) seven to 12-year-olds are increasingly worried about the effects we’re having on the planet. Almost nine out of ten (86 per cent) young people confess that they are concerned about the lasting effect of plastic pollution and single-use plastics on our oceans, particularly in how this affects marine animals, with turtles (35 per cent) and dolphins (33 per cent) crowned as the top animals they’d most like to save.

Top inspirational figure tackling climate change, Sir David Attenborough (photo: Getty Images)

In an effort to give children a voice of their own and understand eco-concerns through the eyes of the next generation, the Modern Milkman has commissioned research to delve into Gen Alpha’s perceptions when it comes to environmental issues.

Simon Mellin, CEO and founder at Modern Milkman, said: “The research has found that almost half (48 per cent) of young people are concerned that they’ll have to tackle climate change issues alone when they’re older, so it’s our responsibility as communities, parents, and businesses to positively guide the next generation and educate them on the power of our personal actions.”

The majority of children surveyed declare that it is everyone’s responsibility to make a positive impact on the planet and to help shape a greener future. Kids state recycling, effectively reducing plastic use and encouraging reuse and refill packaging as the easiest actions to take to help make a positive change. The complete list of inspirational figures for Gen Alpha is: 1. Sir David Attenborough (46 per cent); 2. My school or teacher (37 per cent; 3. My parents or a family member (23 per cent and 4. Greta Thunberg 16 per cent.

Simon Mellin, CEO and Founder at Modern Milkman (photo: Rob Evans)