Parking spaces in Portadown street ‘far too tight’ with many drivers left struggling

During half an hour on Tuesday afternoon at least six drivers struggled to squeeze into parking spaces in Portadown’s Edward Street.

Drivers claim the spaces are far too small and, even if you can get parked, getting out again can be very difficult.

One man told the Portadown Times that he felt the spaces were too small. “When I park and my car’s wheels are just about inside the white lines, the bonnet and boot protrude onto the next parking space.”

Another driver said she had parked easily when she first arrived but found it difficult to exit the space as vehicles in parking spots behind and in front of her car were very close.

Cars the length of Edward Street Portadown are parked very close to gether with some visitors to the town claiming there is very little room to manoeuvre.

Another man said the white lines had been painted recently. “They seem to have made the parking spaces smaller and gained about two extra spaces. But now you need to have a tiny car to get parked easily in Edward Street.” he said adding that it was causing a lot of difficulties for anyone wishing to park.


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Another woman had to have help getting out of a parking space after a driver had parked so close to her vehicle.

A couple in a saloon car were clearly tense after parking the vehicle. “It was just hard enough to get in,” said the driver.

Despite parking perfectly with his wheels between the white lines, his bumper crossed the white lines. “This doesn’t leave a lot of room for the person in the other space to get out,” he admitted.

One regular to Edward Street said she often sees drivers park partially on the pavement and many drivers struggle to get out of spaces when they are hemmed in.

Those attempting to park in Edward Street in Portadown say they are finding it difficult due to the small size of the parking spaces.

This reporter measured the parking spaces which were just under five metres in length. It was clear the new markings did not match the older more faded parking space markings.

The average UK parking bay size is less than five metres long. However the standard length has not changed since the 1970s even though many cars have got bigger since then.

A Department for Infrastructure (DfI) spokesperson said: “The parking spaces on Edward Street have been marked out at 5m according to current guidelines however the Department will review how accessible these spaces are to larger vehicles.

“ Following this review if it is considered necessary the Department will arrange to have these made larger.”