Family devastated after poisoner targets pet cat

A LARNE family has been left heartbroken after one of their beloved cats died from anti-freeze poisoning.

Cherished pet Bentley was found writhing in agony in the back yard of his Upper Cairncastle Road home on Sunday.

Distraught owners David and Angela Surplus immediately took the animal to the vet, but sadly he had to be euthanized the following day after the poison attacked his kidneys, causing organ failure.

Angela said her two children, aged seven and 11, had been devastated by the loss of the family pet, who was almost 10 years old. “Initially, the vet told us that Bentley may have eaten a rat that had been poisoned, so he was put on a drip and it was hoped that he would recover,” she told the Times.

“When his condition deteriorated the next day and his kidneys failed, it was clear that he had suffered anti-freeze poisoning and the vet told us it had probably been malicious.

“We are all in shock that this has happened and I do not understand why anyone would do this sort of thing to a family pet. If someone has done this on purpose, I want that person to know how much upset this has caused for my two children,” Angela added.

The family - who have two other cats - are now worried that this could happen again and have urged other cat owners in area to remain vigilant.

Last March, the Larne Times reported that a spate of cat poisonings had taken place in the Tullygarley area of the town, resulting in the deaths of at least three animals.