Farmers For Action plan Stormont protest over impasse

Farmers For Action's Steering Committee is planning to hold a 'people's protest' at Stormont as is appealing for east Antrim support.

William Taylor, FFA’s NI co-ordinator, said: “Farmers For Action is no different than 90 percent-plus of the Northern Ireland population in that they are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of government at Stormont. “Elected politicians are not accepting their responsibility of office, with the result that decisions are not being taken and progress for Northern Ireland is at a standstill. It also leaves a massive void at the Brexit table. Farmers, like the rest of Northern Ireland need clarity on Brexit.”

FFA claims politicians are leaving the province in a similar position to that reached with the fuel tax strike in 2000.

The committee adds it will decide on the date of the protest which will take place “unless there is real progress from the post-Easter meeting of the two governments” and the Stormont outcome.