Files reviewed

THE Public Prosecution Service (PPS) are reviewing a file of evidence on those who made abusive and sectarian remarks against DUP MP Gregory Campbell on facebook sites in the wake of the launch of the Saville Report, the Sentinel can reveal.

At least four sites on facebook, later removed by the social networking organisation, attracted hundreds of 'hits', listing calls for Mr Campbell to be shot, and mocking up pictures of the DUP man dressed in a Nazi uniform including one with a bullet hole through his head.

The sites surfaced within a couple of days of the launch of the Saville Report on June 15 when Mr Campbell complained to police. And, Mr Campbell referred again to the issue last week in a speech he made to the House of Commons, when the report into the events of January 30, 1972, in Londonderry were debated.

The DUP man had been a consistent critic of the length and almost 200 million cost of the 12 year long report. In his speech during the debate on Saville last week Mr Campbell said: "After the Saville report was published in June, I spoke out saying it was simply not possible to declare the absolute truth some thirty years after the event.

"Because of what I said I was subjected to a vicious hate campaign. I went to the police and, that fact having become public knowledge, it was pleasing to see on Monday, June 21, that hundreds of people who had signed up supporting the aims of that site - wanting me murdered - had withdrawn their names within hours of the story breaking that day.

"It would appear that supporting violence in secret is quite a good thing for some people but when it becomes public knowledge, they are not so keen."

A portion of one of the offensive websites contained a section asking subscribers to click a button if they were in agreement that "Gregory Campbell needs a lobotomy." Another part of one of the sites revealed a row of people bedecked in Klu Klux Klan dress and had a 'caption' stating: "Gregory Campbell and a few pals from the DUP on a day out."

Speaking about the situation to the Sentinel, Mr Campbell said that he found the contents of the sites aimed at him: "Appalling and shocking."

The MP continued: "It appears that some in the republican community find it difficult to accept that others might have a different outlook to theirs.

"I await the putcome of the PPS deliberations with interest, but I obviously cannot comment on a potential case which could come before the courts."

A statement for the PPS confirmed on Monday that the public prosecutor's office had received a file on the issue and it was currently under going examinations that may potentially lead to prosecutions.

A PPS spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that we have received a file and that it is currently being giving consideration."