Fish die after extra chlorine put in water supply

A LISBURN pensioner says he is concerned after his water supply was affected by an increased dose of chlorine which was strong enough to kill his grandson’s fish.

William Braiden, who lives on the Belsize Road, said he first became aware of the problem after his wife had cleaned out their fish which they keep in two separate tanks. Several hours later they found them dead.

He explained: “My wife made me a cup of tea and it didn’t taste right and I threw it out. Then later on when we found the fish dead we realised there was a problem and contacted the water service who told us there had been an increase in chlorine in the reservoir.”

Mr Braiden said one of the fish which died was a “type of carp” which belonged to his grandson. “It was won in Wallace Park for my grandson and we had it for 13 and a half years.”

He added: “We are all annoyed and just wonder how these type of incidents affect the old, very young and sick people.”

A spokesperson for NI Water said it is aware that some customers in the Belsize Road area have experienced a higher than normal taste and smell of chlorine in their water supply.

“This is as a result of an increased dose of chlorine at our Poleglass Service Reservoir over the weekend” they said.

“The chlorine levels remain within permitted limits and NI Water would like to assure customers that the water was and is perfectly safe to drink and there is no risk to health. NI Water expects chlorine levels to reduce over the next few days.

“NI Water pro actively informed customers via our website on 10th October, and was in contact with local elected representatives.

“If the customer is still concerned, they should call Waterline on 08457 440088.”