Fixed penalty warning for bad parking

PSNI Carrickfergus has launched a campaign to highlight the difficulty that people with sight loss, mobility problems or mothers with prams face when trying to negotiate vehicles parked on footpaths.

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Police are warning that over the coming months, officers will be issuing notices to badly parked cars informing drivers that if they repeatedly offend, they are at risk of a fixed penalty notice for obstructing the pavement.

The Cedar Foundation and PSNI Road Policing to call for Responsible Parking.

A spokesman said: “Often they are forced out into the carriageway as guide dogs cannot walk through confined narrow spaces and wheelchairs/prams need space to safely pass.

“At some stage, we’ve all done it, we throw our car up on a kerb thinking we’re doing the best thing by keeping the road clear.

“But this has a direct impact on pedestrians and that impact is only made worse for someone with mobility issues.

“We’re calling on drivers to use 2017 to turn over a new leaf and be more responsible when it comes to parking their cars.”

• All motorists to park responsibly and consider the needs of pedestrians when choosing a location for their vehicle.

• All motorists to leave approx 1.5 metres of clear pavements (at least the width of a double buggy) to allow clear passage for pedestrians, including those in wheelchairs.

• All motorists to stop parking across a dropped kerb, and to avoid parking in bus stops.