Flower planting at '˜Lovely Armoy'!

SIR - Some time ago this area by the Banks of the River Bush inspired someone to pen the song '˜Lovely Armoy'! The emigrant is recalling the beauty of this area as he departs from Armoy.

Maybe not so many people appreciate the natural beauty between the Old Bridge and the New Bridge, but it’s worth a visit! And on Friday we are going to make this area that bit more attractive by planting the flowers. We are inviting people to lend a helping hand with the planting. The intention is to kick off around 10am on Friday, April 14. As the season and years progress we and others will see the fruits of our labours!

Who knows it may inspire someone else to pen a song, poem or whatever to what is a lovely spot!

Yours Armoy Community Association Gerry Burns

* Keep your letters and pictures coming.