FMP says it’s business as usual despite Patton administration

“IT’S business as usual” is the message from construction industry joint venture, FMP, of which the troubled Patton Group is a part.

Other joint venture partners, Farrans Construction and H & J Martin Ltd have said that they will ensure that work continues with the minimum possible disruption on the projects they currently have underway.

The joint venture is currently building a number of schools in England and Scotland, as well as finishing off minor works on some projects in Northern Ireland, and the other partners have confirmed, in a statement issued on Thursday, that they will fulfil all their obligations.

“It is one of the benefits of having a joint venture,” said a spokesman.

“Our thoughts are obviously with our colleagues in Pattons at this difficult time, but we shall do all we can to ensure that our clients don’t suffer as a result.”

FMP has been a very successful joint venture, delivering a number of high profile projects such as Grosvenor Grammar, Ashfield Girls’ and the Boys’ Model Schools.