'˜Foolish and stupid' Ardboe teen made to pay for car damage

A drunk youth asked a police officer if he could take out a loan to pay for damage caused after he clambered over the roof of a car in Moneymore.

Nathan Evans, now 18, from Cavehill Drive in Ardboe, pleaded guilty to the charge of criminal damage at court on Wednesday.

Police reported how they received a report of damage, including a caved in roof, to a Seat Leon parked in Smith Street in Moneymore around 11.15pm on March 20 last year.

The injured party supplied names of a group of youths who had been spotted near the car.

The subsequently spoke to the defendant and discovered that his footwear matched the prints on the car.

Arrested, Evans reportedly asked police if he was allowed to take out a loan to pay for the damage as he was on £40 a week.

“He was a youth at the time of the offence but has since reached majority,” his solicitor confirmed at court.

District Judge John Meehan said, “To describe you as foolish and stupid doesn’t cover it.

“You were part of a crowd of drunken louts running rampant... and simply destroying vehicles... bought by the efforts of hard-working people.

“Had you been 18 you’d most likely be sent into custody immediately,” Judge Meehan stated as he handed down a two-year conditional discharge as well as a £900 compensation order for the car owner.

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