Foster says it’s easy snipe and snarl

Members of the Londonderry branch of the DUP congratulated Finance Minister Arlene Foster on her speech at the party’s annual conference at the weekend.

Mrs Foster praised outgoing leader Peter Robinson.

She said: “The place we are proud to call home has been transformed because of the ability to see the woods from the trees and it has been moved forward because of men like our party leader, First Minister Peter Robinson.

“It is very easy to sit at the side and snarl; it is also simple to be shallow, snide and opportunistic - but when you are the leader of the largest party in Northern Ireland you have the heavy weight of responsibility on your shoulders. Sound bites and uncalled for apologies won’t cut the mustard when you are faced with the challenges which have to be confronted over this past number of months. Peter Robinson had led us in negotiations with vigour, determination and he had a plan to succeed.”