Foxes dumped in Glenavon Lane

THIS disturbing picture shows what one Lurgan man was confronted with as he walked along Glenavon Lane at the weekend.

Bertie Smyth was taking his daily walk in the area made the grim discovery of four dead foxes in a plastic bag around 9.15am on Saturday morning.

The man, horrified by what he found, returned home to obtain his camera to take a photograph of the animals.

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“I just don’t understand the mentality of it,” he told the Mail.

“It’s terrible. Glenavon Lane is an awful place for dumping. Every day I go for a four-mile walk and it was horrible findng the dead animals.”

It is not clear how the foxes died, although one of the animals had a large amount of its fur missing with flesh exposed. The paper has chosen not to publish the graphic image.

The incident comes as the Mail reported earlier this year of two deer heads dumped at the side of the Annaloiste Road while a further grisly discovery of another deer carcass was made in Derrytrasna.

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The foxes were removed by environmental services on Tuesday, with a council spokeswoman saying, “Anyone with any information on the dumping of carcasses should contact Environmental Health on 3831 2400.”

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