Fusion snaps up award for ‘Boys in the Photograph’

LOCAL theatre group Fusion has been priased by Lisburn’s Mayor on its recent success at the 2012 Waterford International Music Festival.

Fusion’s ‘The Boys in the Photograph’ production was awarded third place overall at this prestigious festival which showcases a diversity of talents and events.

Councillor Brian Heading said: “In February this production was a sell out when performed by Fusion Theatre performed in the Island Hall at Lagan Valley Island. I watched the performance and I must say that the young cast were ultimate professionals who delivered a thought-provoking show.

“To then perform at the 51st Waterford International Music Festival and be awarded third place at an event that is rich in music and steeped in tradition is very commendable; and both the cast and production crew must be very pleased. This local theatre group was nominated in several categories ranging from stage management to best female voice.

“It won the Best Award for Sound, Brona Walsh won the Best Moment of Theatre and Rebecca Leonard won the Best Choreographer Award. On behalf of the Council I would like to congratulate this local cross-community group on its recent achievement and wish it every success in the year ahead.”

The Boys in the Photograph is a musical set in Belfast at the start of the Troubles, reflecting the rise of violence and ultimately demonstrating that violence is not the answer.