Gangs are making our lives hell say Allen Hill residents

RESIDENTS in Allen Hill Park are living in fear as gangs of 60 youths get drunk and high at the Glendinnings old factory every weekend.
Drinking den off Lake St. INLM22-237.Drinking den off Lake St. INLM22-237.
Drinking den off Lake St. INLM22-237.

The Mail has been contacted by several residents complaining of nightly parties of drugged up teenagers running wild in the derelict site.

And they insist that they are “sick to death” of it and have castigated local representatives for not doing enough to sort it out.

“It’s really severe,” said one resident. “It goes on nearly every night.”

A hole in a hedge along a path to Lord Lurgan Park from Lake Street is the focal point. It’s littered with empty beer bottles, broken glass and the remains of burnt out fires.

“Some nights there are about 50 or 60 of them partying there,” one person said adding that trouble has escalated in recent months.

“It has really, really got worse,” she said.

“Now they have taken off lighting fires. I am petrified,” said another woman.

Police and the Fire Service are called regularly. “The police can only do so much and they throw bottles at them,” said another resident.

Plus residents felt contacting their local representatives was ‘futile’.

Craigavon Council has been contacted but residents say they were told there was nothing the council has ‘no authority’ over the situation as the drinking den is located on privately-owned land.

A police spokesperson said they were aware of the anti social behavioural issues and said the Neighbourhood Team were “taking a very proactive approach”.

“Police regularly give attention to the Kilwilkie area,” adding they needed the support of the local community.” The spokesperson said that all incidents should be reported to police and that people should provide statements to allow all possible action to be taken.

Environmental Health officials visited the drinking den last year due to antisocial behaviour and fly tipping.

They have since asked the owners and their solicitor asking to make the site more secure. The NI Environment Agency flytipping team and other bodies are also investigating.

“Council has worked hard to resolve the issues. As the land is privately owned council has no authority to enforce the owners to take responsibility,” said a spokesperson.

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