Get gas safe this winter

TODAY (Monday) marks the start of of Gas Safety Week.

The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) is reminding homeowners and renters in the Coleraine area to be ‘gas safe’ this winter and to make sure all gas appliances are serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Gas Safe Register, which manages the official list of registered gas engineers, is launching the second annual Gas Safety Week from 10th – 16th September, aiming to raise awareness of gas safety in the home and HSENI has pledged its support.

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“As people begin to use their central heating systems this autumn, the chance of a carbon monoxide leak increases significantly,” said Richard Meredith, Head of Gas Safety at HSENI.

“Checking appliances regularly for damage and having your boiler professionally serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer, just once a year, could significantly reduce the risk of leaks by detecting problems early. September is the ideal time to do this, as you usually aren’t yet relying on your heating daily.”

Gas Safe Register provides the following tips to ensure you stay ‘gas safe’ this winter:

Have your gas appliances safety checked every year. If you rent your home make sure your landlord arranges this.

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Only use a Gas Safe Registered engineer to fit, fix or service gas appliances.

Ask to see your engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card.

Lazy yellow flames instead of crisp blue ones could be a sign your gas appliance is not working correctly.

Fit a carbon monoxide alarm. Choose an audible alarm which will alert you if there is carbon monoxide (CO) in your home.

If you smell gas call the natural gas emergency number on 0800 002 001.

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