Glengormley High's new house system

A new '˜house' system named after inspirational people from a number of fields is set to be introduced at Glengormley High.

The houses are named after people with links to Northern Ireland who the school wants its young people to aspire to be like.

The names selected for the new houses are Joey Dunlop, George Edelstyn, Lord Kelvin, CS Lewis and Ross Wilson.

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The school house system provides a supportive environment that encourages friendly competition, provides opportunities for students to assume responsibility and develop leadership abilities.

On the school’s website, they state: “We promote achievement of all students in its widest forms in a positive way.

“Joining a secondary school can be a daunting time for primary school students. Stepping into a new school environment and having to adjust to its size and layout whilst meeting and making new friends can be a challenge.

“At Glengormley High School our House System eases this transition.

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“It provides a sense of belonging to a community of the school. Siblings join the same House so as to create familiarity for younger brothers and sisters.”

Throughout the year, students are rewarded for their good work, attendance, effort, and contribution to school by receiving achievement points.

Students also earn ‘points’ for their houses through involvement in competitions and events. An overall winning house for achievement points is awarded the house trophy at the end of the year.

The top performing students in each house will also be recognised.