Gracehill & Galgorm WI go global with charity cheque

MEMBERS of Gracehill and Galgorm Women’s Institute joined ACWW Former World President Hilda Stewart and Executive Member and Chairperson of the International Sub-Committee Elizabeth Warden to celebrate two years of fundraising.

The culmination of a two year fundraising effort by a small team within the institute was celebrated. The beneficiaries of the impressive final sum raised (£4815) are women and children living on the other side of the globe, fellow human beings who would otherwise have very little chance of a dignified existence.

ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) is the largest international organisation of rural women and homemakers, representing over 9 million members in over 70 countries worldwide. It aims to improve the standard and quality of life for its marginalised and most disadvantaged members, their families and communities, who are mainly dependent on agriculture for a living. It is non-religious and non-political and supports self-help groups in remote villages and deprived parts of cities.

One hundred girls in the Philippines may now, thanks to the generosity of members and friends of Gracehill & Galgorm WI, learn new skills with expert help. These skills will enable out-of-school girls to focus on a worthwhile future for themselves and their families.

On the other end of the age bracket, pre-school children in India, thanks to the continued support of some WIs in the Slemish area (this time it was Gracehill & Galgorm WI)- and in particular, to the personal involvement of Hilda Stewart (Randalstown WI) - are given the chance to a good start in life. WI ladies have once more lived up to their reputation of innovative ideas: A very first food and craft fair at the “Braid” was organised and proved to be a great success not only for the stallholders but also for the general public. Many people who saw the inside of this beautiful building for the first time, were impressed.

Other fundraising events included an evening of food and fashion, compered by Ballymena celebrity Jackie Fullerton. Floral and catering events and money donated from the sale of Ann Sambroook’s craft books (kindly donated by her family in her memory) further boosted the fundraising coffers.

Elizabeth McBride, Patricia Sherry, Barbara Totten and Janet Wilson deserve great credit for their hard work and dedication to such a worthwhile cause.

And Gracehill & Galgorm WI supported them all the way.