Guns must be secured say police

Police are reminding householders to secure their properties to prevent burglaries in the Larne and Mid and East Antrim area.

Neighbourhood Inspector Martin Ruddy explains: “Make closing and locking doors and windows part of your daily routine and encourage other family members to be vigilant as well. Anyone living in rural and farming communities should make sure that equipment and machinery is safely stored away each night and when not in use.

“We would also remind firearms owners of the importance of ensuring that all firearms are stored safely and securely. The following practical steps can help reduce the risk of your firearms being stolen and ending up in dangerous hands:

- Owners should secure all their firearms and ammunition in approved gun cabinets that have been manufactured to the correct standard and considerable thought also needs to be given to the appropriateness of its location.

- Those with hold bolt-action rifles should store the bolt separately.

- Never store other valuables in a gun cabinet.

- Keys to gun cabinets should also be kept in a secure place with access limited to authorised persons, without a label, and away from the cabinet.

- For added security, rooms where firearms are being stored could also be fitted with alarm sensors.

- For more information, please contact your local Firearms Enquiry Officer or Crime Prevention Officer.

“It’s easy to become complacent when it comes to home and firearms security but regularly reviewing your safety measures will ensure that you are doing all you can to keep your property safe.”