‘Harbour weeds a disgrace’ says councillor

Glens Independent Councillor Padraig McShane has called on the Council to maintain the pier in Ballycastle to a standard expected and demanded in towns across the new cluster.

The councillor hit out at the unsightly nature of the area immediately behind the fence on the large slipway.

Councillor McShane stated: “Weeds and rubbish have been allowed to gather on the main entrance point to Ballycastle from the sea. The new phenomenon is indicative of how Ballycastle and the Glens have been forgotten about in the new shakeup of local government.

“The unsightly nature of the area would not be tolerated or allowed in Portrush, Portstewart or any centre that relied heavily on its tourist trade to generate a local economy.”

Cllr McShane added that he has spoken with the head of department last week to ensure the place is not only tidied up and enhanced but that it is not allowed to fall into its current state again.

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