Heartless thieves steal Christmas presents

Police have described as “a particularly cruel and callous crime” the theft of Christmas presents in a suspected burglary in the Johnstone Close area of the town.

Keep Christmas gifts out of sight of criminals.
Keep Christmas gifts out of sight of criminals.

They believe that Christmas presents worth around £300 were taken during the incident which occurred between the afternoon of December 5 and December 6 and are appealing for information.

A spokesperson said: “Burglary is a distressing crime for individuals and communities at any time of year, but the theft of Christmas presents is a particularly cruel and callous crime.”

Police are advising that measures such as locking all doors and windows can deter criminals who they say will choose the softest targets.

Ballymena Inspector John Allen: “Householders can help thwart heartless opportunistic criminals by ensuring that homes and vehicles are secured. Also, it’s important that you don’t leave any presents lying around in plain sight where they can easily be spotted from the outside.”