“Heartless thugs” poisoned my pet, claims Glebeside resident

A DISGUSTED dog owner from the Glebeside area of Ballymoney has described the apparent poisoning of her pet as “sickening”.

The woman told the Times the animal was deliberately targeted last Thursday afternoon.

Karen McMullan (36) from Garry Drive said she has lived in the area all her life and has had Tia - a Doberman - for over 10 years.

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Had it not been for Karen’s quick thinking when she came upon the poorly animal it would have certainly passed away, according to a local vet.

Tia was rushed for urgent medical attention and the vet immediately set about flushing out her system.

Thankfully she is on the road to recovery but Karen says both her and Tia have been left badly shaken following the incident.

Describing those behind the poisoning as “heartless thugs”, the tearful animal lover said:

“Those who carried out this attack are heartless.

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“What can the person/people have possibly achieved by this act other than leaving an extremely distressed and hurt owner?”

She continued: “This attack has been carried out deliberately.

“I really cannot take in why people would set out to do such a thing, it is sickening.

“I would appeal for anyone who may have seen something suspicious to contact the police immediately.”

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Independent councillor Iain McAfee - who is friends with Karen and her family - said it was disgraceful that anyone would attempt to poison such a loveable pet.

“What is also very concerning is the possibility that this may not be the first time that a pet has been poisoned recently,” he added.

“I will be in contact with the police to see if there has been any repetition and also what can be done to catch those involved.”

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