High Court protest for inquest funding in killings linked to Troubles including Loughgall

A protest has taken place for the relatives of victims killed during the Troubles to have funding released support them in their pursuit of justice.

Francie Molloy MP has called on Secretary of State James Brokenshire to release inquest funding for victims’ families.

He was speaking following judicial review at Belfast’s High Court this week, where a protest took place from the families of those murdered during the conflict at Loughgall, Ballymurphy and McGurks Bar.

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The Mid Ulster MP said: “I was proud to support the families of victims’ today in their demand for the Secretary of State to immediately release legacy inquest funding.

“The funding in question has already been agreed as a part of the Fresh Start Agreement and has been earmarked to clear a backlog of legacy inquests for bereaved families.

“It is completely unacceptable that some of the families of victims have been waiting40 years or more to find out the truth. Today also saw the release of £25m under the Fresh Start Agreement to tackle paramilitarism.

 “This must be welcomed, but it is a damning indictment of the Secretary of State who is running out of excuses as to why families and victims should be denied the truth”