'˜I could've killed someone' - driver

'I could've killed someone,' a drunk Coalisland woman confessed at the scene of an car accident.


30-year-old Kerry McNally from Roughan Court provided a breath sample over three times the legal limit to police following the incident.

East Tyrone Magistrates Court heard how police were despatched to the scene of a two-car collision on Ballynakilly Road on the evening of July 7.

Police noted damage to the cars as well as to a garage wall.

They discovered no passengers in the cars, but were informed by ambulance staff that one of the occupants was heavily intoxicated.

Ms McNally, who was showing signs of having been drinking, admitted to driving and told the police: “I could’ve killed someone.”

Mr Jason McLaren, defending, told the court his client had left her car at a friend’s house the night before.

The next day she admitted to being hung over but had a few drinks in the afternoon before going to bed.

She then realised that she would not have access to her car for work and she journeyed to pick it up with her boyfriend when the accident occurred.

“It is difficult to imagine how he was not aware that she was over the limit,” counsel said.

“She is extremely distressed and remorseful.”

Noting the very high reading which was “compounded” by the accident, District Judge John Meehan handed down a driving ban of 18 months as well as a fine of £200.

He ordered a 25 per cent reduction in the ban upon completion of the drink driver’s course.