Inspectors give top marks to Camphill Primary

CAMPHILL Primary School has received a glowing report following a recent inspection by the Education and Training Inspectorate.

The report noted that the school - which has seen a continued increase in enrolment figures over the last few years - is meeting effectively the educational and pastoral needs of the children.

The inspection found the children to be highly motivated and achieving very good standards.

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“They are interested in, and have a clear understanding of, their learning,” it was noted.

The report also noted that an analysis of the Key Stage 2 assessment data over the past four years shows that in English and mathematics, the school’s performance has been consistently above the average for Northern Ireland.

In discussions held with a group of Year 6 children, they talked enthusiastically about school life, their enjoyment of their subjects and the extra-curricular activities.

They also acknowledged the care and support they receive from their teachers and the wider school community.

The children commented on how the school listens to and acts upon their ideas through, for example, the work of the School Council.

The inspection report noted that the children indicated that they are happy and secure in school and that they know what to do if they have any concerns about their safety or well-being.

Regarding pastoral care, the report noted that the quality of the arrangements for pastoral care in the school is “outstanding”.

“A caring, inclusive and supportive ethos is evident throughout the school and very positive working relationships exist at all levels. The school embodies its mission statement by placing the happiness, success and well-being of the children at the centre of its work and life. The children demonstrate exemplary behaviour, respect for others, and a very positive engagement in the learning process; this is encouraged by a whole-school approach to the promotion of positive behaviour,” the report states.

The report states that the strengths of the school include:

The exemplary behaviour of the children who demonstrate respect for others and a willingness to work and learn together;

The outstanding pastoral care provided for the children;

The very good quality of the provision in literacy and numeracy and the standards achieved by the children;

The outstanding leadership provided by the Principal and Senior Management, and the strong support of the governors for the work of the school;

The well-embedded culture of self-evaluation throughout the school and the associated action to promote improvement.

School Principal Martin Cubitt said the school was “absolutely delighted” with the excellent outcomes of the report and the very complimentary comments the Inspection Team made.

“As a school we will continue to build on the excellent achievements to date and trust that everyone within our school community can have every confidence in the school’s commitment to meeting the future educational needs of all our pupils,” Mr Cubitt added.

The report concluded that the school had no areas for improvement and therefore no follow-up inspection is required.