It's CSI Loreto!

All Year 9 students at Loreto College Coleraine took part in a workshop on Forensics recently.

Presented in association with the University of Strathclyde, by a qualified and experienced Forensic Scientist, the workshop introduced students to the career opportunities open to them in the world of crime investigation, and the relevance to this of their studies in Science.

During the course of the half day, the students worked collaboratively on a problem-solving exercise. They were presented with a scenario in which a student had been murdered; they then proceeded around a series of stations which presented them with various pieces of evidence which led towards the solving of the

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mystery. The stations tested the students’ skills of observation, as well as alerting them to the relevance of elements such as DNA, moulding, blood groups and so on.

With enthusiasm levels among the students showing tremendous appreciation for the workshop, it was deemed a great success by Mrs Sheila McBroom, who co-ordinated the event. Mrs McBroom commented: “The workshop allowed the pupils to see (and use) real applications of science. Such activities challenge the pupils in a number of other ways – working effectively with others in small groups – listening and observing carefully to build all the evidence, and so on.”

Mr Michael James, Principal of Loreto College, paid tribute to all those who took part in the Forensics workshop, commenting that it had provided a valuable experience for the students to put their learning into the context of an interesting and challenging career.